The evolution of social media

Yesterday my friend Chris Norton, managing director of Prohibition PR, published this fantastic infographic charting the evolution of social media. Chris was also a fellow co-author of Share This Too.

Social Media Timeline
Courtesy of: Prohibition

6 Replies to “The evolution of social media

  1. Thanks for mentioning this Stuart – I really appreciate it. It took a fair bit of work and we had to cut a few out as there are too many to mention the graphic could go on for ever.

  2. You’re welcome. It’s a good piece of work that obviously took some time to create. Might have been fun to go back even earlier and reference some of the Roman social media that Tom Standage talks about in Writing on the Wall.

  3. CB radio but no mention of the founding of the Internet? Of Cix or chat rooms and message boards which were the real forebears of social media? It’s It’s a great piece of work, though.

  4. You’re right Claire. What first got me into online PR/social media were Usenet groups and email lists. In fact I some of the people I from the old PR email lists are now the ones most active/visible/respected in new social media. I’m thinking of people like Serena Ehrlich and Peter Shankman.

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