Good customer service counts

I’m a regular train traveler on the East Coast mainline and most of the time it’s a great service. Tonight is one of those rare occasions when my two hour train journey is running late – about 70 minutes as I write this post, with probably another 50 to go. My complaint isn’t about the delay, as I understand that is outside the control of East Coast. My complaint is about the distinct lack of information.

Good customer service isn’t about always providing a brilliant service as sometimes that is outside your control, keeping us informed isn’t. East Coast could have made passengers in my coach a lot happier with just a few more announcements:

You don’t wait until you reach the delay to warn people, especially when so close to next station that people will already have set off to pick passengers up from the station
If you announce a 60 minute delay you don’t wait over an hour and a quarter to make the next announcement
If passengers are entitled to compensation you tell them straight away then repeat it and don’t just tell them to go to website, but give out forms on the train or platform

None of these things would cost money, but all would have made for happier passengers. The delay wasn’t East Coast’s fault, the lack of communication was.

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  1. Stuart, I understand your frustration.  You seem so calm.  Just communicating.  Customer service is going down the drain these days.

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