Social media world in statistics

Another day, another social media infographic. Not convinced that there is anything useful to learn from this one from Social Bakers, apart from the fact that some people still need ‘big numbers’ to help convince sceptical CEOs, c-suite and board directors that they need to do something about this ‘social media’ thing.

Social media world in statistics

One Reply to “Social media world in statistics”

  1. This infographic just goes to show the importance of social media today. It contains some very basic, but convincing, statistics that show why we should utilize social media.

     I really enjoyed the graph that compared the engagement rate by fans to the response rate by administrators. I believe that social media is an environment in which consumers feel comfortable expressing their innermost feelings. It is up to the company to listen to what they have to say and take it a step further by engaging with them. The more a company engages with their consumers, the more effective their social media presence becomes.

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