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  1. Although this all sounds exciting… am I the only one who is uneasy with the BBC rebranding its media player as BBC iPlayer???

    It's an obvious lift from iPod and is too close to the BBC relying on association to convince listeners opf how good it is/will be…

  2. I've been making these remarks in a number of places but: there is a deeper story here. The BBCs license is under threat yet it has the most valuable media library all under one roof anywhere in the world. It already syndicates globally and to Sky. Think of the tha value of a 1,000 Ricky Gervais things? They've got that in spades. Fools and Horses now DVD), Butterflies, Round the Horn, Blue Planet (already commercialised) – the list goes on. Now think education – what's the financial trade off for public sector education?

    Today, Time Warner was worth $78bn so what say we for BBC? $200bn, $300bn? more? Government could easily enact a way for the BBC to be fully commercial without losing its ability to act as a public service and without becoming ad-laden. I believe Siemens is trying to work out a way for BBC to be fully digitised and distributable in a commercial context – it's one heck of a project with what must be a big price tag because the components ot make all that work have to be orchestrated and Web 2.0 can't do that – as far as I know.

    There are competing directions to go and they've been looking at it for some time.

    Ok – so now we have a situation where BBC could go into strategic alliance with The Guardian – or even acquire it? What might that mean for media?

    Who says MSM is dead? Hasn't the likes of Ben Metcalfe and Euen Semple's work persuaded naysayers that at least at the BBC, there are beacons of light – others are sure to follow – eventually?

    The Guardian is going to work this out as is the BBC and I'm sure you'll find that certain content will be paid for. And people WILL pay for it because it will be too valuable not to. Whether that's included in your Sky subscription – I don't know – I suspect it might be.

    BTW – blatant plugging – you see my piece about Easyjet blogging? If not, have a peek and pass on please?

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