PR winners and losers–August 5

This is hopefully – assuming anyone except my Dad reads it – going to become a regular weekly feature where I highlight my choice of the PR winners and losers of the week.

PR winners

This week’s PR winner has to be Arturas Zuokas, the mayor of Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania), who decided to take tough action against illegally parked cars. He used a tank to crush an illegally parked Mercedes. Beat that Boris.


It wasn’t quite as good as it seemed as the Mercedes had been bought specially for the stunt, but still it was a great idea.

The runner-up is Tom Watson MP, who is continue to dig deep and draw attention to the newspaper hacking scandal.

PR losers

This week’s PR loser has to be Piers Morgan who has been under attack from Guido Fawkes and Louise Mensch, but appears to be losing the battle.

Piers Morgan

The runner-up for PR loser of the week is the United States for bringing politics into disrepute with the budget horse trading debacle.

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