Disclaimers and rules

No good blog would be complete without rules and disclaimers, so here goes:

  1. The opinions and views expressed here are my own personal views. Opinions in comments are just that, opinions and comments from other people and therefore don’t reflect my views. Likewise when I link to other sites it doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse them.
  2. I sometimes do talk about my clients on this blog and wherever possible I always provide a disclaimer saying that it is a client. If I forget occasionally then this is my apology in advance.
  3. Politics. Some people say you shouldn’t mix politics and business. I vehemently disagree. Politics is what makes the world work. You can’t run a business in isolation. It’s part of the wider economy and society. That’s why you can’t separate politics from business. My personal affiliation is to the UK Labour Party, a social democratic party on the centre left. It’s probably fair to say that on most things, I’m on the ‘right’ side of the Labour Party. That’s why you’ll sometimes see political posts on this blog and you’ll definitely see lots of political tweets.
  4. Comments. I’ve got a pretty liberal comments policy, so you’re free to disagree with me pretty much as much as you want. You’ll also find I’m far more lenient to approving your comment if you’re using a real name and can be tracked back to a blog, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile etc. Anonymous comments and those with pseudonyms won’t be allowed much leeway with borderline comments. And I won’t tolerate any ‘ism’. Sexism, racism, offensive language and other nasty stuff are all banned.
  5. And finally, with a hat tip to Kerry McCarthy MP. My blog = my rules! As Monica says in Friends, ‘rules are good, rules help control the fun!’

Please comment here as it lets everyone who visits my PR blog to see it rather than scattering it on other social networks where only some people see it.

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