Will Labour’s shadow cabinet web chat go viral?

Not sure what I think of this. I like the idea, just not to sure about the implementation. The only bit that really made me laugh was ‘William Hague (available for speeches, weddings and hen nights) has logged on. hi sorry am late. had a prior engagement’. And that joke was too far in. Good idea, but needs to be funnier. Also on a technical point, you’re asked to post to facebook or add it to your website, but it’s a bit big (wide) for most people.

2 Replies to “Will Labour’s shadow cabinet web chat go viral?

  1. I liked it – obviously not perfect but its worth sharing and it shows Labour are starting to grasp the importance of producing content that puts you into relevant conversations, as opposed to broadcasting at people or dragging them to the official website.

    I've noticed a lot of people linking to it via Facebook.

  2. Just spotted this. It's amusing and believable – we've all had similar 'we need to do something' conversations at work! But Labour needs to remember that using viral marketing and social media in itself is not enough. Back in the real world, people are losing their jobs, companies are going bust and the Government's cunning plans to get banks lending again are having little impact. This piece of playground politics is unlikely to impress voters who don't know if they will have a job next month.

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