The best of social media over the holiday season

I really don’t like those blog posts where all the blogger does is regurgitate a series of links they’ve recently read, but it’s the holidays and I don’t have time for a long post and I’ve spotted lots of useful stuff to read so here goes:

Twitter uses 140 characters to change the world; Financial Times
Companies use Twitter to pack PR punch; Financial Times
Social Xmas: Social networks = 10% of UK internet traffic; Hitwise Intelligence, Robin Goad
We’ve embraced social media. Why hasn’t everybody else?; A Shel of My Former Self, Shel Holtz
So you’re a social media agency…; Philip Buxton, former editor of Revolution – a different list to the one I created on Top ten ways not to choose a social media consultant – I’ll blog further on my thoughts on this
US Air Force blog assessment chart; USAF Public Affairs Emerging Technology division via Global Nerdy