One more day to help Barack

It’s the final countdown and time for a totally partisan political post. This is a please to my many American friends to get out and vote for Barack Obama. It’s also a please to my friends around the world to send out appeals to their friends in the USA. You might want to use the brilliant CNNBC viral video.

Stuart Bruce and Esme campaigning for Obama Last month I was privileged enough to be out on the streets of Philadelphia campaigning on behalf of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. It was a family affair with me, my wife Karen and Esme, our daughter. Esme is no stranger to the campaign trail and has been out on the doorsteps in the UK when she was just a few months old. Hopefully, the Bruce family will have played its small part in history.

One thing that struck me was how similar doing doorstep voter ID in Philadelphia was to doing it in Leeds or indeed anywhere else in the UK. People care about everyday practical issues such as healthcare, education, social security (welfare) and pensions. They’ve also been abused by a manipulative media more interested in personalities than policies.

What most impressed me was when we took Esme to the park one day to play on the swings. My heart sank as I saw a group of teenagers sitting on the park bench next to the swings. In the UK this is likely (not always) to mean trouble with the youngsters drinking and swearing. But not these Philadelphia teens, they were having a lively debate about the elections and complaining about the fact they weren’t old enough to vote – for Obama.

I’ll leave you with this video plea from the Obama campaign:

One more day to help Barack 1

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