3 Replies to “Best viral campaign video ever….

  1. An excellent viral and further proof that Obama (albeit his innovative people) 'gets' social media and knows how to reach his audience. This, coupled with his twitter activity, should be enough to put him in the White House – in my eyes.

  2. How can you say Mandelson is a victim? He gives politics a bad name. He has not come clean. In fact he audaciously refuses to do so. He holds public opinion and transparency in low regard. George Osborne at least owned up to his failings. Today's Times has an editorial that calls for the bar to be raised, which I consider spot on http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/leading_article/article5034099.ece

    And, if you or your readers have time, I posted an entirely different understanding to yours on my blog http://www.paulseaman.eu

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