I knew children as props was the wrong line

Yesterday I winced as Gordon Brown came out with his line about children as props. I winced because it is ridiculous in 2008 to think you can keep your family secret – protect them yes, hide them no. My family is the biggest part of what motivates me, the people I love shape my beliefs and actions. It is the same with politicians, or it should be.

Today I winced even more when Iain Dale revealed that it wasn’t even the truth as Gordon had already exposed his family to the media. So the questions are why pretend it is wrong, why use cheap lines about children as props when it is something he has done himself?

It’s quite easy to be honest and truthful about your children without exploiting them. Ministers Tom Watson and Tom Harris are both excellent examples of how you can talk about your children in a way which tells you about the father behind the politician.

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