Here’s how you can vote in the US election

Thanks to The Economist the whole world can rightly have its vote on who should be president of the world’s global super power. Unfortunately it won’t count in the real thing, but it’s fascinating to see what the world really thinks, especially as most Economist readers are likely to be key decision makers and influencers in their countries.

What makes The Economist poll so interesting is that it is a Global Electoral College that tries to mimic the real US system, but on a global scale with electoral college votes awarded by population.

So far it’s a landslide in favour of the Obama/Biden ticket with most countries showing as ‘Strong Obama’. In fact the only place where McCain is making any sort of showing is El Salvador and even that is only ‘Leaning McCain’.

Let’s hope American voters will agree.

2 Replies to “Here’s how you can vote in the US election

  1. Stuart,

    Well even the US is coming up 80:20 in favour of Obama so it is a little off the mark even there.

    I think the issue is having another 4 years of neo con dogma will be a disaster. I think Obama will be quite conservative and will need two terms if he is to achieve anything. Do not expect sunny skies and fluffy white rabbits and everything will be alright.

    I think he is an unknown quantity – I don't think he is in Bill Clinton's class. But anything is better than Palin coming to power. She will have access to the nuclear codes if McCain passes away and she actually believes that dinosaurs and humans co-existed 4,000 years ago. Scary!

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