Don’t Panic Guide to Crisis Communications Conference

Last Thursday I had the privilege of speaking at the Don’t Panic Guide to Crisis Communications Conference. It was a fantastic event with a really first rate group of speakers all with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in crisis communications and management.

I spoke on online crisis communications. Other speakers included: Andy Green, founder of Green Communications; author and crisis communication expert, Michael Bland; Sarah Forester of Trimedia and Greater Manchester Police where she worked on issues such as the Harold Shipman case; ex-News of the World editor Phil Hall who has become the poacher turned gamekeeper; Enda Joyce of Hanover who advised the parents of Madeline Mcann; Lucy Laville of Leeds Metropolitan University; Sally Sykes of Du Puy and Francis Thomas of Suffolk County Council on how he handled everything from the Buncefield explosion, to bird flu at Bernard Matthews and the Ipswitch murders.

Andy and Nicky Wake of Don’t Panic are planning to repeat the event in London early next year and I’d certainly recommend attending. And I’m taking a flyer here, because I haven’t asked Andy or Nicky, but I’m thinking that if you register your interest – by email, in the comments here or on their own Eventualities blog – then Don’t Panic will probably give you an early bird discount.

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