Iain Dale’s Brown v. Cameron – who has the better team?

Iain Dale follows up one of Gordon Brown’s interviews this morning by asking readers to comment on who has the better team. It’s a good question and one that’s very telling when you go through it one by one:

Gordon Brown v David Cameron – CAMERON
Alistair Darling v George Osborne – OSBORNE
Jacqui Smith v David Davis – DAVIS
Des Browne v Liam Fox – FOX
Harriet Harman v Theresa May – HARMAN
Hazel Blears v Eric Pickles BLEARS
Yvette Cooper v Philip Hammond – COOPER
Ed Balls v Michael Gove – GOVE
John Denham v David Willetts – DENHAM
Douglas Alexander v Andrew Mitchell – ALEXANDER
David Miliband v William Hague – SCORE DRAW, both are really good
Harriet Harman v Caroline Spelman – HARMAN
Andy Burnham v Jeremy Hunt – BURNHAM
James Purnell v Chris Grayling – PURNELL
Alan Johnson v Andrew Lansley – JOHNSON
Jack Straw v Nick Herbert – STRAW
Hilary Benn v Peter Ainsworth – BENN
John Hutton v Alan Duncan – HUTTON
Geoff Hoon v Patrick McLoughlin – NEITHER, both are fairly dire
Shaun Woodward v Owen Paterson – WOODWARD
Baroness Ashton v Lord Strathclyde – ASHTON
Paul Murphy v Cheryl Gillan – MURPHY
Ruth Kelly v Theresa Villiers – VILLIERS

That’s 16 for Labour and and just seven for the Conservatives. The only unfortunate thing for Labour is that in the five most important posts – PM, Chancellor, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Health – it only takes two of the five.

4 Replies to “Iain Dale’s Brown v. Cameron – who has the better team?

  1. It's a very interesting way of looking at it, and i think it's right. I think Camerons popularity growth, as well as the party as a hole, has been the result of Labour's failings, not the Tories success.

  2. It would be intersting to look at potential changes coming up over the next few months.

    I think Pickles/Blears could well swap, Eric did brilliantly during and in the aftermath of the local elections.

    Lansley is looking more and more assured whilst Johnson is looking more and more marginalised.

    Mitchell is really growing into the post where as Alexander can't even turn up on time.

    Slighty controversial this but I think Jacqui Smith is gaining in stature whereas the conservative success is kinda cementing the idea that davis is a man who's time has come and gone.

    anyway that's my two pence.


  3. Sam, I agree with you about Pickles, and on reflection I should have made Blears/Pickles a score draw as I honestely think both are doing a very good job. You probably have a better impression of Mitchell than me, as he is one of the ones that even a political junkie like me had to check out to refresh my memory as to which one he was!

    Don't agree with you on Smith who constantly appears out of her depth, althougnh I do agree that Davis comes across as "a man who's time and come and gone" – perhaps they should both have been a NEITHER.

    And finally, you wouldn't expect me to agree about Alan!

  4. I think you have it wrong on Ball/Gove and Darling/Osborne.

    Ball looks and talks like a human being. Gove looks like The Mekon. Darling is experienced and confidence-inspiring. Osborne is an inexperienced kid.

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