Tom Watson announces Power of Information Taskforce

Excellent post on Tom Watson’s blog announcing the establishment of the Power of Information Taskforce. It’s chaired by Richard Allen, the former Lib Dem MP and now head of government affairs at Cisco. As Tom says “Richard has a vast breadth of knowledge in this field. He’s also an all round good guy.”

It’s worth reading Tom’s speech in full as it has quite a lot of interesting stuff for anyone involved in public relations, communications and marketing for government and other public sector organisations.

2 Replies to “Tom Watson announces Power of Information Taskforce

  1. Fair play, good post and speech by Tom, but I still don't forgive him for refusing the enter into a debate with me via his blog comments during the Ealing Southall bielection, and deleting some of my comments when they didn't suit his agenda or conflicted directly with his point of view.

  2. There's been a bit of bitchiness about whether the govt are still not embracing the potential of all of this.

    They're not but they are a huge tanker that needs a lot of turning around. When they do it will have a big impact on what the rest of us in our industry can achieve when talking to brands.

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