Time for Labour loyalists to speak out

This is both a professional blog where I talk about business and public relations, but also a political blog (more so since I stopped writing on my old councillor blog). For sometime I’ve been quietly fuming, with the occasional Twitter to express my frustration. I’ve had an internal battle to prevent myself blogging about my anger and some current Labour government policies. I’ve reasoned that I’m loyal to the Labour Party and it’s not good to show dissent during an election campaign.

However, inspired by Luke Akehurst, I’m allowing myself to vent some of my anger (but not all, as some things are best kept quiet). There are a whole raft of current government policies that really anger me, because they are so damaging to vulnerable people and the economy:

10% tax rate

The abolition of the 10% tax rate is just plain dumb and what’s even worse is the government’s unwillingness to admit it that it is wrong. I’ve rarely seen such an abysmal performance as that given by Alistair Darling on the Andrew Marr show this morning.

Labour MPs and activists who stand up against this daft policy are the true Labour loyalists.

CGT up to 18%

Another incredibly dumb policy. Don’t the fools who defend realise it is costing jobs. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy, employing more people than any other sector. The result of this policy is to kill investment and destroy jobs. The intention to hit the mega-rich private equity bosses was the right one, the implementation is idiotic.

Duty on beer

How foolish it is to think that hiking duty on beer will have any positive effect on reducing alcohol related problems in society. All it will do is further damage local pubs (small businesses) and hurt local communities.

3 Replies to “Time for Labour loyalists to speak out

  1. I understand (and share) your frustration about the abolition of the 10% rate. I don't understand why it has taken so long for people to angry about it? It was more than 12 months ago that it was announced.

  2. Shane, I don't think it has taken so long. In reality people have been lobbying behind the scenes for sometime, it's just now it has come out in the open. I don't think anybody ever thought that it would get so far without the relevant people finally seeing sense.

  3. I think Labour need to take a long, hard look at themselves over the 10% tax rate. In reality it is only going to make people a couple of pounds worse off a week, but it is the principle of it and the Labour party is going to lose grass routes support over it. It is morally wrong to be making those who earn the least pay more and I think Frank Field is correct in predicting another back bench revolt.

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