Microsoft’s dumb switch to Multimap

A long, long time ago there was a British internet mapping firm that was really innovative and I used all the time. That firm was Multimap. And then along came Google Maps and then Microsoft Live Maps and I forgot all about Multimap.

My favourite of the two was Microsoft Live Maps. When Microsoft bought Multimap I assumed it was to roll Multimap’s advertisers and revenue generators into Live Maps, because Multimap was more than a bit dated, clunky and cluttered (useless, is the word I’m looking for).

So my question is what genius at Microsoft did it the wrong way round and decided to dump a brilliant product (Live Maps) and replace it with Multimap?

As dumb corporate moves go, this must be one of the dumbest.

Mike Butcher at Techcrunch has the full story all about Microsoft’s disgruntled users.

There’s even a Facebook group campaigning against it.

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