Getting Ink Requests – live queries from journalists

Hot off the presses from the industrious hacks at Getting Ink is the shiny new Getting Ink Requests blog:

We’ve talked a lot over the last few months about disintermediation in the journalism process – how platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are allowing hacks to bypass PRs and contact case studies and commentators directly.

Sarah’s Facebook group seems to be working really well with almost 600 people signed up, but Sarah and I agree that not being able to export information or alert people to updates in the group is a snag. What we really need, we’ve decided, is something like the group, but which allows you to alert people to new requests, to share posts with friends who might be relevant, and turn up in relevant searches. So…a blog, then.

And here it is. The Getting Ink Requests blog, which will provide an informal, open platform for all sorts of media requests, including case studies, comments, freebies, review kit and whatever else the hacks can think of.

At this stage, it’s really an experiment so we’ll keep it fairly relaxed and see what does and doesn’t work. If you can help with a feature, there will be contact details on individual posts, or you can comment on the blog itself. If you want to post a request, you can also do that on the blog.

We’ll keep posts up there and archived so that, hopefully, they could eventually provide a resource for PRs looking for journalists with an interest in specific areas. Do take a look. Especially if you’re a children’s party planner or a neurologist…

All flacks should subscribe now, but please, please read the requests properly and don’t send the sort of dumb responses that gets PR a bad name!

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