What I Wish My New Employee Knew

Todd Defren has a great post on “What I wish my new employee knew”. I’d agree with almost every word of it. The only that doesn’t really resonate with me is “I wish my new employee knew that we were genuinely psyched that they found us”, which, although I agree with the sentiment, is just a bit too over the top for us more understated Brits.

Three of my favourites are:

I wish my new employee knew that Quality Counts. A typo in an email might not seem like a big deal.  But it doesn’t take long for the client to wonder if that sloppiness extends to the way the agency is cultivating their image to the outside world.

I wish my new employee knew that the beginning part of a career is usually a slog. It’s not all Social Media fun & games, sorry.  To be effective & accountable strategists, we need databases, research, detailed reports.  That’s how everybody starts out, even the rockstars. 

I wish my new employee knew that ‘eagerness is everything.’ If you’re eager; if you’re leaning forward; motivated, I’ll lie on the train tracks for you.  If you’ve got a dark cloud over your head, its shadow casts a pall over the entire office.  That includes my office. 

Read the whole list over at PR Squared.

3 Replies to “What I Wish My New Employee Knew

  1. I’d agree that most employers will opt to hire a well-rounded employee but it is really hard to look for one these days. Most of the time, employers do get a skilled worker but still something is missing or lacking to fit that “well-rounded” coat. It’s hard to please the employers nowadays but with a keen ear, respect and inquisitiveness to his immediate superior, a newly hired employee may transform into a worker bee that companies dream about.

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