My week in media meme

The folks at Seventy Seven have started a My Week in Media meme and I’ve been tagged, so here goes…

What I’ve read

My newspaper habits are fairly regular and The Guardian, Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post are essential reads. Sunday papers are a bit more difficult as like bits of different one – we get the Sunday Times delivered, but I also like the Observer and Mail on Sunday (if just to marvel at the fact that some people actually believe its delusional right wing rants). Magazines that I enjoy include PC Pro, PCW, PR Week, Real Business, Yorkshire Business Insider, Marketing, Marketing Week, New Media Age to name but a few. Finally I’m still trying to finish Alastair Campbell’s The Blair Years diaries.

What I’ve watched

Most of my television is recorded on the PVR, rather than in real time. I’m not a big fan of TV news as it’s far too lightweight – you can learn far more, far faster by reading a proper newspaper. That said I usually catch some of BBC Breakfast News and BBC New 24, but very rarely the ‘big’ news programmes. Entertainment wise I’m currently enjoying my Christmas present of a box set of When The Boat Comes In (a fantastic 1920s/30s drama set in the North East and made in the 70s) – at 2,542 minutes I should be enjoying it for some time to come! I’m also enjoying re-runs of The West Wing on More 4, Saturday Kitchen with James Martin, Dr Who, Heroes and Spooks.

What I’ve listened to

I also got a cheap and cheerful DAB digital radio for Christmas and have discovered a new station which just plays loads of great rock music and occasional news, but no annoying DJs. I’m also continuing to put up with the Today programme on Radio 4 and have to admit I’m a closet Archer’s fan (not so closet now).

Where I’ve surfed

Does this include RSS feeds as I no longer visit a lot of my favourite sites? I’m going to ignore the blogs for now and just mention some of the mainstream media sites such as Guardian Unlimited and the Daily Telegraph.

Those who’ve already done this meme include James Gordon-Macintosh, Ged Carroll, Stephen Waddington and Stephen Davies.

I tag David Brain, Iain Dale, Chris Norton, Philip Young and Ian Delaney.