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  1. Hello Stuart, it was nice to meet you, and though the presentation might have been "terribly corny" (maybe a bad idea to have our first official presentation at LeWeb3 directly… but maybe an even worst idea not to have tried…)

    Now that the whole internet scene clearly explained we are not welcome I wonder if it was a good idea afterwall. No pain no gain… 🙂

    Well, shit happens, we are young and tomorrow we'll be 300% more motivated !

    Thought I retain a nice part "interesting product", waho a positive point.

    And we would love to have advices on how to give "good ol'school corporate presentation where everyone sleeps".

    See you tomorrow 😉


  2. The point of my Twitter on your presentation is that you had a really interesting product, but I only thought that because I'd experienced the problem you were trying to solve. However, a lot of people watching hadn't had the problem so didn't get a chance to see your potential. From speaking to other delegates it appears that several remembered your presentation, for its 'corny' jokes, but not your business proposition which is what you wanted them to remember.

  3. Thanks again Stuart.

    Please understand that my comment wasn't at all an attack or whatever in this spirit !

    We really are working to improve on the presentation area, as I said before, the first time is always… well, the first time !

    The so-so positive point is that without the corny jokes people wouldn't have remembered us at all 😉
    We'll be great next time, I promise, better jokes (we're not at all in becoming boring guys) and of course a real clear explanation with a real clear demo.

    Thank you for your feedback, negative or positive it's always needed to get on the right way.

    So can you tell me in which cases you had that problem before ? It sounds really interesting to me.

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