Le Web 3: Jemima Kiss 30, Loic Le Meur nil poins

I haven’t blogged much about Le Web 3, mainly because lots of other people already have and I also twittered it extensively. However, I felt compelled to respond to The Guardian’s Jemima Kiss and her post on “Beautiful women at Le Web 3. And your point is?”

I’m totally with Jemima on this one. What was Loic thinking when he linked to this idiotic video (note, unlike Jemima I’ve decided not to give these sad people any more links)? Jemima is worried that she will come across like a “feminist whingebag”, which she doesn’t – just as a normal, sensible person. I don’t think Loic meant to come across as a male chauvinist pig, but unfortunately that’s what he’s done by providing the link to the sad little video produced by a ‘buzz marketing’ firm. The video, in case you’re wondering, is mostly a montage of women at the conference set to Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston.

It’s a dumb move on Loic’s part. He’s just organised a great, well respected conference that takes a serious look at the business of Web 2.0 and then by providing this link he makes the industry look like Neanderthal fools. It’s a really bad public relations move on Loic’s part that is damaging to him personally, Le Web and the Web 2.0 industry as a whole.

His mistake is compounded by the fact that he quite correctly identifies that one of the main failings of Le Web 3 is that there were far too few women speaking and attending. Is this sleazy video by a ‘buzz market’ firm really going to help him improve it next year?

Finally, I can’t figure out why a so called ‘buzz marketing’ firm would want to create something that makes them look so stupid. That’s not good buzz guys (I’m guessing they must guys, of a particularly juvenile disposition).

UPDATE: Credit to Loic Le Meur as he’s now apologised.