How-Do North West Media 100

How-Do is becoming a compelling read, despite the fact that it’s about the North West media scene – although running a PR consultancy in Leeds and originally coming from the Lake District does mean I have a foot in the North West and Yorkshire.

How-Do has just published its list of the 100 most influential media people in the North West. I was particularly pleased to see BBC Radio Cumbria’s Nigel Dyson on the list. Nigel was one of the people that first sparked my interest in communications and is partially responsible for me going into public relations.

BBC Radio Cumbria is exactly what local radio should be – it is both entertaining and very relevant to its unique local audience. Radio Cumbria Lamb Bank is a must listen when it’s attempting to match up orphaned lambs with ewes – yes really, it is better than it sounds and a really useful community service.

UPDATE: Just gone further into the list and found Neil Hodgkinson, who I remember as the editor of the Yorkshire Evening Post and is now doing a brilliant job at Cumbrian Newspapers (or CN as I think we’re now meant to call it).