Electrolux is latest to launch social media news room

Electrolux is the latest big brand to launch a social media news room. As its new, it’s pretty bare at the moment, but the bones are already there with tag clouds, YouTube, Flickr, Creative Commons license and a Share This facility.

At Wolfstar we’re currently working with two different clients to build social media news centres for them. We’re also about to revamp the Softalk social media centre, which was our very first attempt at creating a social media news room – before Shift Communications published its template – but is now looking rather weary.

Thanks to Richard Gatarski via Shel Holtz for this news.

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  1. I have been hearing a lot about news rooms lately and I feel as though they are a smart tool for a world-wide audience. More and more are being created as the popularity of social media continues to increase at a rapid rate. I am anxious to how useful they will prove to be and what other outlets will be developed in the next few years.

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