Las Vegas and California here I come

Next month I’m off on my first US business trip for Wolfstar. First I’m in Las Vegas for the WOMMA Word of Mouth Marketing Summit (November 14-15) and then we’re driving back through California to San Francisco. I did think about going out earlier to also attend the Blog World Expo (November 8-9), but I couldn’t get it to mesh with other business commitments.

One interesting side note is that WOMMA appear to discourage word-of-mouth promotion of its summit, as nowhere on its web site could I find a logo button to promote it on this blog. A missed opportunity and a case of not practicing what it preaches.

I’ve already started to set-up some business meetings and would love to try and get some more things in the diary. Still not sure of my schedule or locations, but I’m in Las Vegas from about November 11 to 15/16 and then heading to San Francisco so probably around from about November 20-22. Drop me a line if you want to meet up.

One Reply to “Las Vegas and California here I come”

  1. Hi Stuart.

    I too will be at Womma this year and have been searching for a badge to post on my blog. I thought that maybe they would send me a jpg once I registered, but nope! Nothing! That seems rather bizarre to me.

    Anyway, I'd like to meet up if you're game. I live in the States right now, but am planning on transferring to my agency's London office. It would be very nice to speak with you!


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