Global PR Blog Week 3.0

Constantin Basturea has just announced Global PR Blog Week 3.0. He says:

It’s an event that will present the best articles, interviews, debates, case studies, and essays on how social media continues to change the Public Relations and Communications theory and practice, its relationships with other disciplines, and our roles as practitioners, students, and teachers.

It will run –like the other two previous editions– for one week.

It will happen online, at

It’s going to be a free event.

If previous events are anything to go by then Global PR Blog Week 3.0 should produce some some essential and interesting reading for anyone involved in buying, specifying or managing public relations, advertising and marketing.

I’ll certainly be encouraging everyone in the Wolfstar pack to take a look and to participate.

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  1. Thanks for heads up Stuart, will definitely be there. Looking forward to insight about the 'new rules of PR', as some people refer to the way Internet is changing way we do business and communicate. Will alert members and link to this article via MarCom Professional network, hundreds of marcom professionals are on that network so they'll also be interested to hear about this online event.

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