Andy Lark is Dell’s new VP of Global Marketing and Communications

Dell has managed a real coup in securing Andy Lark, former VP of marketing at Sun Systems, as its new VP of Global Marketing and Comms. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Andy, but his blog is near the top of my must read list. It’s clear that Andy is visionary who really understands the threats and opportunities that are changing the way that comms professionals need to operate.

When I was managing UK PR for the Electronic Sports World Cup I had dealings with Dell and it was the type of company that suffered from ‘big corporate’ syndrome more that most.

It will be fascinating to see how long it takes for Andy’s presence to visibly impact on what’s happening at Dell. I’ll be watching with interest.

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One Reply to “Andy Lark is Dell’s new VP of Global Marketing and Communications”

  1. Hi Stuart,

    Just dropped by to read your commentary about Andy and Dell. We are thrilled to have Andy join us, especially given his background and work in the social media field…but strong background in tech marketing and communications generally.

    Appreciate your perspective…both on Andy and on our need to overcome "big corporate syndrome."

    As you likely know, with Michael Dell back as CEO we have renewed our focus on customers, building relationships not simply transactions, and ensuring that big business syndrome does not get in the way of our entrepreneurial roots and customer connections. We are working it, so to speak. Appreciate the reminder of its importance.

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