Is 40 old?

Over on the Wolfstar pack blog my fellow Wolfstar director Susie Lawrence has just upset me. In her post about Facebook Susie said “Yes I am old (40 – don’t mind admitting it…”.

Excuse me! Since when has 40 been old? I’m not 40 until next year, but I don’t feel ‘old’. I’ve got several friends who are older than me and they don’t even feel old. On the Wolfstar blog I’ve done an analysis on my friends on Facebook, and a lot of you are over 30 – and even over 40. So is 40 old? Let us know in the comments on the Wolfstar blog.

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4 Replies to “Is 40 old?

  1. I thought that 60 is the new 40 – so 40 must be the new 20.

    Age is all in the mind (and a bit in the creaky joints) – if you don't feel old, then you aren't.

    From a fellow 1960s baby…

  2. I'm fast approaching 44 and don't feel any older than I did 10 years ago.
    My wife, who turned 40 in May, occasionally teases that I'm so much older than she is. I retort that Britain still had steam hauled express trains when she was born!

  3. I think us 40-somethings protest too much…
    Do a quick test:

    – Can you still do it all night?
    – Do you still even want to do it all night?
    – Does your sleep afterwards resemble a mild coma?

    If you answered no, no, yes – you're old!

    And I was talking about dancing, you smutty people.

  4. Ahh! Well what I don't understand is how so many PR people under 40 are struggling with digital natives who are … well … the old 20 somethings. But at well beyond 60 many things are a mystery about the 'younger generation/s !

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