Edelman PR 2.0 Weekend Summit for Next Generation Professionals

berlinEdelman continues to be setting the pace for how global public relations consultancies are responding to social media and the changing nature of PR. Edelman has its critics, mainly because it has made a fair few mistakes, but that’s largely because it’s pushing the boundaries more than most and it has done a lot more right than it has wrong. Edelman’s latest initiative is the Edelman PR 2.0 Weekend Summit for Next Generation Professionals” in Berlin.

I’m not sure from Guillaume du Gardier’s cryptic comment if Microsoft’s Tom Murphy is attending or not, but if he is then I’m sure that like me he’ll be grimacing at the PR2.0 title. Both Richard Edelman and David Brain are attending, along with lots of other big hitters in PR and social media.

2 Replies to “Edelman PR 2.0 Weekend Summit for Next Generation Professionals

  1. First off, I am not there. The point is that again we get a room full of guys stroking each other balls and blogging on (and on) about how good it feels.

    Here… here's some real work being done in the area of common sense and critical thinking. See http://tinyurl.com/22qzy9 .

    Kind regards,

    – Amanda

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