A PR Guy’s Musings 5th birthday – please give generously

Amidst all the excitement of a new baby – Esme Rose Valerie Bruce entered the world on June 28 – I totally missed the fifth anniversary of starting my PR blog.

My very first post was on July 8, 2003. To celebrate the occasion I want to make a very special request to all my subscribers and visitors. I don’t want a birthday present, but I do want to ask you to visit http://www.justgiving.com/stuartbruce and make a small donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The page explains why and it would be brilliant if you could all help me reach the target. I’m also going to plead for links to this post, just in case you can help me find any other potential donors.

The blog started on a European blogging platform called 20six. I switched to Typepad on December 20, 2005. It originally started as A PR Guru’s Musings, and I can’t quite remember when I changed it to A PR Guy’s Musings.

You can still view the archives at http://20six.co.uk/stuartbruce/archiveofmonth/2003/07/00, although I take no responsibility for any dubious spam comments you might find, as I long ago stopped checking it.

My first blog was actually to support my work as a local councillor and started on April 24, 2003 on Blogger, before moving to 20six and then to Typepad as Stuart’s Soapbox.

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  1. John Cass – Boston, MA – Author of "Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging," I'm a marketer whose worked in B2C and B2B marketing for 20 years. I blog at http://pr.typepad.com, and I'm a Founding Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research.
    John Cass says:

    Congratulations, would that not be your blog's fourth birthday? 2004, 05, 06, 07. I know I've only been blogging for four years and I started around the same time you did. 🙂

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