Yet another blog post demonstration

I’m at Delivering the New PR 2 conference with Neville Hobson. We’re just showing how easy it is to create a new post. If anyone is reading this at the moment it would be helpful if you could comment to show people how it works.

This is how you create a link to another blog – in this case it’s Neville Hobson.

You can also easily insert a picture.


9 Replies to “Yet another blog post demonstration

  1. Hi Stuart,

    Hope the conference is going well, would have liked to be there my self but things are a bit manic at the moment. All the best


  2. Hello people – yes it is really easy to add a comment. We can do links and trackbacks to this site too… I hope you are learning a lot and will be blogging yourselves soon as well.

  3. Hi Stuart, Enjoy the conference.

    Hello Everyone, hope you learn how easy it is to Blog and how Social Media is important in today's day and age.

  4. And the posts even make it all the way to the colonies in record time! All the best to Stuart and to the conference attendees from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where Prince-Harry-watching will soon take over from ice hockey as the main preoccupation.

  5. Great to see you again yesterday Stuart. Sorry we didn't to have more of a chat. Certainly for us at Indigo Red social media is continuing to push the boundries for PR recruitment. Our PR Job Watch group on Facebook is growing by the day!

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