We’re recruiting – send us your CVs

Things are moving quickly here at Bruce Marshall Associates, of which I’ll reveal more very soon. But in the meantime we have an immediate need for a good account executive:

What we want:

  • Good writers – you don’t need to be Shakespeare or Burns, but you do need to be able to string more than a sentence together and write news releases, emails, blog posts etc
  • Creative sorts who can not only come up with bright ideas, but make sure those bright ideas get done and deliver results
  • Experience of public relations – doesn’t need to lots, but you’ll have at least done some placements in a PR consultancy or in-house team
  • An understanding of and a thirst to know a lot more about social media, social networks etc
  • Your CV as a PDF or plain text in the email
  • People who’ve read more than a few posts of A PR Guy’s Musings and give us a clue that you understand how we do PR
  • Someone who wants to work in Leeds, but will travel to see clients elsewhere

What we don’t want:

  • People who think PR has any relationship whatsoever with Ab Fab
  • People who are afraid of hard work
  • People who think they are too grand to make the coffee or empty the bins
  • People who are stuffy, formal and don’t know how to have fun
  • CVs with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • CVs as Word files
  • People who haven’t read this post and more of A PR Guy’s Musings very carefully

We promise to try our very, very hardest not to be ageist, sexist, racist or any other ist you can think of. Our current office isn’t too accessible, but we’ll be moving onwards and upwards soon so that shouldn’t be a problem.

So if you’re in the market for a new job (or even a first job if you’re a particularly talented student just about to graduate) then email me a CV.

6 Replies to “We’re recruiting – send us your CVs

  1. No big reason, but several small ones, such as it's bad practice to send Word files (sometimes you can see earlier versions, even seeing experience and grades changing!). Also a small initiative test to see if people can 1) Read and follow simple instructions 2) Work out how to create a PDF file if they don't know how.

    So far about half the responses do it right, the other half not. There's even less excuse now I've explained.

  2. is there such as thing as "Wordist"? 🙂
    Fortunately office 2007 lets you inspect a document to remove all those revision marks etc (though I hear Joost just fell foul of this with a PDF) and Word 2007 also provides the capacbility to save as PDF.

    thanks heavens for Notepad though!

    As David says, sounds like a great role and I love the bit about putting out the bins. May ask that in my next interview round!


  3. Someone want to go around and check Stuart's office to see if he's ok? We haven't heard from him in a while, and I fear he may be buried alive under all those CVs recently sent in…

  4. I just wish that more jobs were this honest in their postings. Can't tell you how many interviews I've been to where you know as soon as you hit the office parking lot that this just isn't going to work.

    Puts me in mind of the 'most honest job ad ever' that was posted for an assistant professor of Philosophy at Southeast Missouri College. The guy they hired for the job said that when he read that job ad he figured that the person who wrote it would be "fun to work for." That's saying a lot for honesty.

    Especially liked the bit about promising not to be an "agist, sexist, racist or any other ist you can think of."

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