Think before you Twitter

It’s really quick and easy to Twitter. Some people appear to use it as an online stream of thought. Edelman’s Steve Rubel obviously wasn’t thinking when he Twittered: “PC Mag is another. I have a free sub but it goes in the trash.”

Not surprisingly Jim Louderback, PC Magazine’s editor in chief has taken exception to his magazine being treated as rubbish by a senior exec of a major PR firm. Unlike most PR bloggers, who write for peers and senior business leaders, Steve writes for a more general technology audience. And as a result it’s a big one. All of whom have just been told that PC Magazine is worthless.

My old college PR lecturer used to tell me “Don’t pick fights with people who ink by the barrel.”

Even in today’s online Web 2.0 social media world it’s still a worthwhile sentiment.

6 Replies to “Think before you Twitter

  1. Kami Huyse recently wrote about the state of PRosphere…I commented about how my experience was that while there has been an increase in pr blogs, the content is not as powerful. I think new applications are the cause for not well thought out contributions to Web 2.0 audiences. Just food for thought…

  2. All rather precious, don't you think?

    PC Mag threatening to pull coverage of Microsoft and Apple (for some campaigns)? Yeah, right.

  3. Labour’s Alan Johnson campaigns via Twitter

    Stuart Bruce, who’s on Johnson’s campaign team, says that they came up with the idea of using Twitter back in January before John Edwards- but that he was too busy to take it further

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