PR Unspun at Chinwag

Chinwag Live’s next London event is PR Unspun on April 24. I’m still not sure if I’m going to be in London that day, but if I am then I’ll certainly be there. There’s a great panel chaired by Mike Butcher and including Mark Rogers (Market Sentinel), Neville Hobson (Crayon), Jacqui White (Edelman) and Stephanie Bonnet (Burson-Marsteller). If you book before April 19 it’s a bargain at £20 or £40 after that.

What Is Chinwag Live?

Chinwag Live is a new series of events from the Chinwag community established to cast an enquiring light on trends in the digital media industry.

Founded with the purpose of lifting the lid on the issues facing practitioners and enterprises right across the sector, it aims to tackle topics in the full spirit of community participation in a formal, relaxed setting and be a connecting force for ideas and talent.

We specifically chose venues that are small, intimate and friendly to create an atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable participating. Unfortunately, this also means that space is limited, so it’s best to book early.