PR Week Power Book regional breakdown

After reading David Brain’s quick analysis of what PR Week’s Power Book told us about what we all didn’t know about each other I thought it would be worthwhile doing a quick regional analysis.

I’ve only looked at the north of England and the quick breakdown is:-

Yorkshire and the Humber 4
North East 3
North West 9

David’s right the Power Book is an interesting read and a good contribution to the industry. Danny Rogers’ introduction says:

“this is PR Week’s first shot at identifying and profiling – the creme de la creme of the UK PR industry today… We have worked extremely hard in compiling a definitive list of the PR sector’s most powerful figures, based on criteria including: the size of PR budget under their control; the personal influence they wield in the world of politics, business or media; the extent to which they have innovated in their particular field; and their influence and status within the PR industry itself”

It’s a bit of a rough and ready analysis as I might have missed some people.

In Yorkshire the four people listed are (in alphabetical order):

Stuart Bruce, Managing Partner BMA PR: inspirational boss Pete Ward; fav web link; essential viewing West Wing, Spooks, Dr Who (prefers news in papers or online, not radio/tv); gadget T-Mobile MDA Pro; respected politician Tony Blair; guilty pleasure Laphroaig; epitaph “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again” 

Anne Gregory, Professor of Public Relations, Centre for Public Relations Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University: inspirational boss John Harvey Jones; essential listening Today programme; fav web link; gadget free; respected politician Baroness Amos; guilty pleasure champagne; epitaph “She changed things”

Alan Hyde, Head of Comms, GNER: inspirational boss Christopher Garnett (former GNER chief exec); essential view/listen Today programme, West Wing; fav web link; gadget BlackBerry and iPod; most admired leader Tony Blair; respected politician Nelson Mandela; guilty pleasure Southampton FC; epitaph “No more spinning, not even in the grave”

Phil Reed, Managing Partner, Brahm PR: inspirational boss David Ward; essential view/listen BBC Radio Five Live; Breakfast; fav web link; gadget Sky Plus; respected politician Colin Powell; guilty pleasure The X-Factor; epitaph “Seeing Leeds United win the Champions League (again) proved too much for his ticker”

Very surprised not to see Andy Green (GREEN Communications), Gordon Forbes (Ptarmigan) and Tim Sinclair (Sinclair Mason, now Trimedia Harrison Cowley) not listed, but Anne Gregory and Phil Reed I expected.

The other northern names listed are Tony Bradley (Bradley O’Mahoney), Emma Chadwick (Staniforth), Richard Clein (Bell Pottinger North), Jon Egan (October Communications), Jan Hilary (City of Durham Council), Jo Leah (Shandwick North), Stefan Lepkowski (Karol Marketing), Danny Moss (Manchester Metropolitan University), Rita Rowe (Mason Williams), Sally Sykes (AstraZeneca), Phil Townsend (Manchester United), Nina Wheeler (Brazen).

Apologies if I’ve inadvertently missed you off. Drop me an email or comment and I’ll add you in.

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