Life’s a Pitch initial book review

Life's a Pitch coverI’ve been slightly slow off the mark to post about Life’s a PitchLife's a Pitch initial book review 1, a new book by Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity as Richard Bailey and Ellee Seymour have both posted already. Life’s A Pitch was published yesterday.

My first thought upon opening the parcel* was how nice it felt and looked. This book is a thing of joy to hold. And flicking through it the quality design extends to every page.

But enough about how pretty it is, it’s a book and it’s the content that matters.

So far, so good. Sometimes when you start reading a business or self-improvement type book you know it’s going to be a challenge to finish it. Getting Things DoneLife's a Pitch initial book review 2 by David Allen is a challenge. It might have some good ideas for improving your personal productivity, but it’s as dull as ditch water and a real struggle to finish (in fact I haven’t).

No such risk in the case of Life’s A Pitch. Both Stephen and Roger have a lively writing style, which should make finishing it a delight. Having only read a few chapters I’ve already started nodding in agreement and vowing to put that thought into action.

Finally you can see Stephen and Roger discussing the book on the Life’s A Pitch YouTube channel.

* Disclosure: I received a free review copy of the book.

2 Replies to “Life’s a Pitch initial book review

  1. Don't forget their advice about the business lunch, remember NOT to order your wine by its number. And if you don't drink, the chances are your client will think you have a drink problem…

  2. Well done for disclosing the covert role of PR in distributing this book to PR bloggers. I overlooked to do this, but I only accepted it on my terms (I said I'd only review it if I felt positive about it).

    But it is an impressive publicity campaign: Stephen Bayley's Observer article on Sunday was based on the book; he then appeared on The Today Programme this morning. I'd not noted the YouTube video until you mentioned it etc etc.

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