How Do launches in the North West

Several of the North West blogs I read have alerted me to How Do, a new online venture by Nick Jaspen (founder of Newsco publishers of the Insider series of business titles, and more recently the failed North West Enquirer).

How Do looks very interesting and Nick told HackFlack that he sees it as “the online hub for the thriving media community across the North West”. As a Cumbrian who ended up on the wrong side of the Pennines I don’t really hold with all the North West v. Yorkshire rivalry, so I hope that How Do rapidly expands across the Pennines.

I wish the venture well and will watch with interest.

2 Replies to “How Do launches in the North West

  1. I thought it looked great. I don't know, the North West has a flourishing media community and the centre of the blogosphere in Manchester, and the PR world has this great swell of blogging talent in the North – can anyone guide me to such gems online in the Midlands?

  2. Stuart,

    I think many creative industry businesses are really looking forward to seeing how it develops.

    However, although I have been initially impressed, I think it will need to attract companies outside the creative industries to add real value. If, it does not then there is a chance it will be an industry gossip sheet; if it does then it will attract new business, which will attract content and advertising.

    I really hope it is a success and will be submitting my client stories and giving it my supprt.


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