Beta testers wanted for new Microsoft Exchange alternative

OK, this is blatant self-promotion on behalf of one of my clients. Softalk is looking for beta testers for a great new alternative solution to the collaboration features of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Softalk Share Server screenshot Softalk Share Server provides native support for Microsoft Outlook enabling folder sharing in a similar way to Exchange Server. The WorkgroupShare product does this via synchronisation, but Softalk Share Server actually has its own MAPI store so updates are instant. You can chose to either run the Softalk Share Server store alongside your existing Outlook personal folders store or to migrate the existing data into the new MAPI store. One benefit of migrating the data is you then have the option of choosing to share private folders as well. For example a chief executive might want to give his/her personal assistant access to his/her private folders.

As well as speed the other two main benefits are that it is far easier to administer than Exchange Server and is lower cost – to buy, run and maintain. It’s a much more manageable and practical solution for most small to medium size businesses that want to use Outlook for collaboration and improving teamwork.

See the Softalk Let’s talk business blog for more information and you can download the Softalk Share Server beta here.

If you’re a blogger or journalist who wants to review/talk about Softalk Share Server then let me know by email, Skype, or phone 0113 282 5321.

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