Best of Britain Blog Awards

Dan Matthews at the Real Business blog is asking where are all the good UK business blogs. It seems that the Real Business blog has been shortlisted for the ‘Best of Brit Blog Awards‘ run by and Metro. Dan was surprised that it was in the politics category – the reason being is that there isn’t a business category. This got Dan wondering if it was because of the lack of UK business blogs.

Personally my surprise was that still exists and that I hadn’t heard of these awards before. I always had a soft spot for the old Ask Jeeves, but has such a low profile I assumed it had gone bust.

UPDATE: Am blogging on the train and the wifi is slow tonight (as is the train) so didn’t check the links properly. Now that I have I’m puzzled as there doesn’t appear to be any reference to the Real Business blog being shortlisted. Dan’s original post says “the PR guy who told us the good news”. I do hope this wasn’t just an attempt to get the Real Business blog to cover the awards and then I’ve fallen for it as well. I expect the same PR guy will be monitoring blogs for conversation about the awards and therefore be able to offer an explanation in my comments tomorrow morning.

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