Manchester recreates city in Second Life

The Manchester Evening News reports that Manchester is set to open a virtual version of itself in Second Life. The aim is promote the Manchester ‘brand’ and raise awareness of the city in the real world. The move is a collaboration between the Urbis museum, Manchester’s Digital Development Agency (DDA) and consultants Clicks and Links.

I’m not a big fan of Second Life, but I do recognise its potential and this is a good way of benefiting from the opportunity. Second Life citizens (audiences) might be tiny, but they and Second Life carry influence way beyond their size.

Why can’t Marketing Leeds be this creative? I live in Leeds and know it is a vibrant, dynamic city heaving with creative, financial, legal, scientific, technological and marketing talent. You’d never guess any of this from Marketing Leeds’ efforts, which make the city look like its stuck in the 1990s.

As an aside I’m speaking about social media at a Manchester Digital event on March 7 – I’ll post more later.

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  1. I spend a lot of time in Liverpool and share some of your frustrations, Stuart.
    In Liverpool, the surrounding boroughs can't even agree to use the city as the focal brand – so you get competing councils sitting uncomfortably under a meaningless Greater Merseyside banner.
    Yes I'd like to see them embrace Second Life – especially ahead of its year as Capital of Culture in 2008 – but it needs to get its first life sorted first.

  2. Stuart,

    good luck with your campaigning on behalf of Alan Johnson, I feel he'll benefit no end having someone as clued up and passionate about politics as yourself.

    I've had a sneak preview of the virtual Manchester and I'm pleased to say it looks great. They've even built in a facility to generate realtime weather so everyone will be able to sample our infamous drizzle!

    I won't flatter your ego by repeating some very complimentary comments I heard about you at a recent conference we were working on but can say the joint CIPR / Manchester Digital Online PR seminar sold out in two days. I put it down to the great event management team!

    See you soon.

  3. Manchester is the worst city in Western Europe for Gun crime – more than 55 children are killed each year in gun related incidents giving the city the name of "Gunchester".

    Manchester was voted the UK's THIRD city in a 2002 MORI poll. It was also voted in 2007 the worst place to live in the whole of the UK.

    Manchester has the highest rainfall of any city in the UK and is still regarded by many to be a grim decaying mill town.

    Manchester, the UK's third city is a disgrace!

  4. Given the recent escalation in gun crime and child shootings in the UK's third city of Manchester, a number of International Embassies are now advising against travel to the city.

    Crime statistics show that 1 in 3 visitors to the city become victims of crime during their stay including assault, robbery, rape and murder.

  5. Hi,
    Please ignore the above comments made by Professor Rob Right.
    He has spammed a lot of pages on Youtube with false information about Manchester, trying to turn everyone against the wonderful city.
    I don't know what his problem is.
    Just a word of warning!

  6. ^^^ His account has now been suspended on you tube. and he was boasting that he had x thousand hits in y weeks. LMAO. Banned from the beeb, banned from wiki, banned from a manchester skyline web forum . . now suspended from you tube. professor talks gob shite more like.

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