Friction.TV wants your opinion

Thanks to Tom Murphy for the tip off about Friction.TV. The idea is that you upload your video giving your opinion on a particular issue and then invite debate and contributions. Topic areas include politics, education, environment, business, health, society, local issues and sport.

Some interesting submissions so far including Boris Johnson MP, Alan Duncan MP, Tommy Sheridan and Jim Reeves of the Communication Workers Union.

It’s still very new but it already has submissions from several campaigns including Save the Children, Child Poverty Action Group, League Against Cruel Sports and Save the Post Office Network.

The one slight downside for me is that the site doesn’t have any of the essential legal information. For example you can’t find the company name or physical address. You can work out it appears to be in London, but that’s it.

Once the legal hiccup is sorted out then I’ve definitely got some ideas how I can use Friction.TV.

2 Replies to “Friction.TV wants your opinion

  1. Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for posting about Friction.TV. You raise some good points, just to let you know we launched on Feb 12th and are currently finalising the legal info.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the site 🙂

  2. I agree completely, the heirarchy of frictiontv is very economical with its provision of informaion regarding its founding members, even direct questions draws forth little response. Any company director in the UK has to submit far more personal information than an individuals name.
    Every contributor to has to provide their own personal email address before being allowed to contribute, which is fine, but this is also an identifying piece of data, which seems contrary to's idealology. Maybe if your input does not suit the politics of the undisclosed directors/shareholders of your comments are thwarted. ie, bypassed to another window not disclosing up to date information, of course this is only conjecture but's lack of structural information makes this a possibilty. Also the time it takes to gain accesss to's site compared to other websites makes an indvidual wary of being screened plus bookmarkings keep dropping making navigation more difficult and time consuming having waited long periods of time to access a particular debate.

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