Wikipedia to liaise with ‘big companies’ reports that Microsoft is to pay a blogger to make factual corrections to Wikipedia entries about its Open XML document standard.

However, the bit that I found alarming was a quote tucked away at the end of the article:

The Foundation is now looking at ways for big companies such as Microsoft to liaise with Wikipedia on editorial matters, Gerard added.

Why big companies? What about smaller companies? In fact it is far more important for smaller companies to have a correct entry on Wikipedia. You can get information on big companies from thousands of other credible sources. Smaller companies have far less citations. It’s also less likely that an ‘independent’ customer will create it or correct it for them, simply because there are far fewer customers available to do it.

If the Wikipedia spokesperson really said that then they’ve got it very wrong. Hopefully, it was just a slip of the tongue (although slips of the keyboard are less likely).

Personally I’m fairly relaxed about WHO corrects an entry. The most important thing is that it is accurate, and that’s just as likely to come from a customer, supplier, PR firm, employee or simply interested observer. None of these groups holds a monopoly on truth or lies.

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2 Replies to “Wikipedia to liaise with ‘big companies’

  1. I think the key thing is to say is to hell with ALL companies, big or small. The purpose of wikiepdia is not to increase your profile or improve your SEO.

  2. I totally agree Wikipedia isn't to increase your profile or improve your SEO. However, it is about ACCURACY. And I strongly believe any individual, company, charity etc should have a right to CORRECT FACTS in entries.

    What they shouldn't do is to insert opinion. Often the subject of the entry is in the best position to correct facts (which can easily be independently verified anyway).

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