Why PR doesn’t do social media

Heather Yaxley picks up on my comment about UK big business lagging behind other sectors in its adoption of social media and asks ”.

She makes lots of interesting and relevant observations, but the ones that stand out for me are:

The dominance of marketing over PR

As I’ve often pointed out public relations is a two-way process, therefore it should be easy for PR people to adopt to having conversations. Marcoms and advertising has always been about one-way messages targeted at an audience.

Unfortunately, PR people often have to report to marketing and too many of us have been willing just to do narrow marketing and product PR, rather than look at the big picture.

Confusion between true PR and media relations

Real public relations is about how your behaviour influences your reputation, but for many managers (and as Heather says many practitioners) it simply means media relations and publicity.

One Reply to “Why PR doesn’t do social media”

  1. It is so frustrating. Marketing is so far behind, pretends to have answers and is in the way of economic development.
    Equally, the PR industry is poorly led in this area.
    I do not hear the big guns of PR offereing the lead we so dearly need.
    I do not see any urgency in root and branch review of practice among PR managers, agencies and academics.
    So, angry old man, I may be, thank you Stuart for keeping the issue alive.

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