The Register on 1and1 screwing with my email

The Register reports on 1and1’s ongoing email problems which have been causing us no-end of problems all week. We’re looking at switching hosts – not because 1and1 have had problems, but because it hasn’t been open about them. Problems happen. You confess, fix them and apologise. Unless it happens all of the time that should be an end of it.

What really annoyed me about 1and1 is that when I knew our email was down, the 1and1 status page was saying everything was fine. As soon as I found out that it wasn’t just ours, but lots of people, then that ceased to be acceptable business behaviour.

For our email we’re probably going to host our own messaging server. I’m a strong believer in PR firms ‘eating their own dogfood’ or practising what they preach. We already use our client Softalk’s OfficeTalk as our email client, team diaries, project managers and contact lists. We also use Softalk’s WorkgroupMail to collect our mail from 1and1, but I’ve never taken advantage of the fact we can use it to host our own mail server. I’m now going to ask the guys at Softalk for some advice and look at doing that.

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