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In the past I’ve always been very scathing about PR Week and thought that the short-lived PR Business was just the sort of shaking up the industry needed.

…the world’s leading… still enjoys poking fun at PR Weak – the latest being wondering why PR Week’s “the PowerBook” hadn’t emerged.

I think TWL is probably being a tad critical, although anything called “the PowerBook” is ripe for sending up. I suspect what it will really be is a list of people who have been quoted or featured in PR Week over the past year. That’s why I thought they’d sent me an email, which I assumed was some sort of round robin which would see me rapidly culled smile_wink

The main reason I’m looking forward to “the book” is simply to see how many PR people outside London are mentioned. My main complaint about PR Week is its London/celebrity/consumer bias, which had become far worst in recent years – ten years ago it appeared to be far more reflective of the industry as a whole than it does now.

However to be fair, PR Week is far better today than it was a year ago. I’ve just had a quick look at my timesheets, which show that I used to spend about 5-10 minutes reading it. Last week’s edition took me 25 minutes. So PR Week is either getting better, or I’m getting slower (I can guess which TWL will say).

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  1. I'm curious about your timesheet – do you have some sort of automatic capture or is it a self-administered remembering system? (I'm impressed you can quote to a 5 minute time period). I've been musing about timesheets recently – their usefulness etc. I've tried various electronic capture add-ins without finding anything which works the way I need it to…

  2. Mel, over the years I've used a variety of software for timesheets. Most of them are far too complex and designed to do invoicing etc. At the moment I use a freeware package called MapleXP which is great and flashes a reminder every XX minutes to ensure that it is recording the right task. It takes just a second to right click and indicate which task you are on.

    However, later this year my client Softalk is also planning to integrate time recording into its OfficeTalk PIM which will make it even easier.

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