PR Newswire and Technorati partnership

Lots of comment on the partnership between PR Newswire and Technorati, but the most interesting I’ve seen is Ian Delaney on why it’s helping to make journalism tougher and raising the quality standard.

A journalist can’t get away with simply editing a news release – because everyone can see the original and do it themselves. This means the journalist has to do proper research such as phone calls to check facts and get background.


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  1. Stuart,

    Bill Thompson, the technology journalist, has written a very interesting piece that discusses how bloggers are affecting the standard of journalism.

    Bill surmises that journalists have to raise their standards: thorough research, interact with readers and have a local approach and sensitivity to their stories.

    The article can be found on the web pages on the BBC site (20th Jan)and I have commented on my blog as well with link through if you have any difficulty finding the original

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