Power in cars

IT Week’s Lem Bingley shares my frustration about the lack of power sockets in cars. Ideally I’d like to plug in my Bluetooth GPS unit, my ancient Tungsten T PDA (pressed back into service as a dedicated sat nav using Navman software, but with atrocious battery life), my T-mobile MDA Pro (phone and pocket PC, bulky but brilliant) and occasionally either mine or my wife’s MP3 player and my Jabra 250 headset. If we buy one of those gadgets to listen to your MP3 player on the car radio then that will also need to be plugged in.

That’s two items minimum and ideally six items.

Even with my socket tripler (£5 from a car boot sale) I can’t do it. And it looks a terrible mess dangling from the dashboard, not to mention I’m sure it’s an electrical fire hazard.

Lem has loads of links in his post, so I haven’t bothered smile_wink

Does anyone have a solution?

3 Replies to “Power in cars

  1. Sure: stay at home. After all: it's way too dangerous to drive a car and use all those gadgets at the same time… Was this at all helpful? 😉

  2. Stuart, You should check out all the stories about in-car IT emerging from this week's Auto Show in Detroit. In particular, Ford and Microsoft are partnering up (which may be good or bad). Japolnik and Autoblog both carry the latest news.

  3. Funny reading this because one of the last things I was involved with in the last job was a design competition my client was sponsoring. The winning entry was a power adaptor. Unfortunately not for production, but your post gave me a sense of deja vu.

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