My New Year wish is for everyone to think nicer

Last year my main irritation – causing me to swear more than anything else – was all those bloggers and journalists who have such a nasty depressing view of life.

Most recently it is those bloggers who have castigated Microsoft for offering review copies of Vista preloaded on laptops. I wonder what goes through their minds. Do they seriously think Microsoft and Edelman deliberately set out to bribe and corrupt people? And do they seriously think that the bloggers who received laptops are so easily corrupted?

Is it because they themselves are so easily bought and corrupted? Or do they think they are so much better than everyone else and only they can be trusted, but everyone else is corrupt?

If it’s neither of these then why do they have so a low opinion of others?

It’s similar with all this nonsense about ‘cash for honours’.

Don’t these journalists understand that 99% of individuals give money to political parties because they CARE! Because they want to make a difference. And it’s exactly the same type of people who are active in politics or give money to political parties who are active in charities and give money to charities. They all do it because they care about something greater than their own existence.

I’ve been actively involved in UK politics for almost 20 years and have met and/or know senior politicians of both main parties. And I’ve never me one, either Labour or Conservative, who was in it for selfish reasons or personal gain.

So why do journalists writing about these things have to imply the worst and that people are only in it for what they can get? Is it because that is how they think and act? Would they only give money to a cause because there was something in it for them? Or do they too think they are better than everyone else?

Personally I don’t think these bloggers and journalists making these idiotic allegations are either corrupt or better than anyone else. They have similar strengths and weaknesses that we all do. But one thing they share is a negative, pessimistic outlook on life.

My New Year wish is that we should all take time to be nicer, more optimistic and to ask how we can help others, rather than simply whine and criticise.

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  1. Simon Wakeman – Canterbury, UK – I’m Managing Director at a growing digital agency that’s on a mission to become Europe’s leading open source technology agency. I’ve always enjoyed working with digital technology to deliver lasting transformational change. I’ve done this in areas including marketing, e-commerce, business systems, publishing, customer service and internal communications. Outside work I enjoy running, road cycling, mountain biking, caravanning and generally being outdoors.
    Simon Wakeman says:

    I'm with you on this one Stuart.

    In the past three or four months I've noticed more than ever a tendency for bloggers to jump onto a particular bandwagon knocking a particular company/campaign/organisation etc.

    Fair enough – have an opinion and viewpoint when blogging – but as a reader I'd much prefer balanced coverage with an opinion than purely one-sided ranting.

    That's where it comes back to an individual's outlook – I'd suspect those who have a negative outlook on life are most likely to be those with the one-sided rant.

    Your blog is usually a refreshing antidote to the latest blogosphere rant – as you're one of the most considered bloggers on my reading list!

    I've lost count of the number of times you've posted with a cool and rational view, when many others are joining in the slanging match without checking their facts or adding anything substantial to the conversation.

    Happy new year!


  2. It is easier to whine than to do anything different – remarkable – or offer a solution. Not just offer, but act on it! This is just more evidence of jaded minds and jumping to conclusions. Reminds me of the game created in the movie, Office.

  3. Excellent post, Stuart. I have to shamefully say that I think that a very large number of professional journalists who blog are among the whiniest creatures that ever existed.

    As Lauren says, it's a lot easier to whinge and complain, accuse and insinuate than it is to offer a constructive suggestion.

    I'll join you in a New Year's Resolution to try my hardest to be positive and constructive. Apart from on Friday nights after a couple of pints, obviously.

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