Journalists are PR schmucks, bloggers cut the hype

As if. Some bloggers might like to think they take the moral high ground and can’t be manipulated by spinning PR types, but in reality it’s same old, same old.

Duncan Reily has this interesting little story about how UK-based gadget website Firebox’s PR firm emailed top tech blogs to promote Firebox’s products:

Bill Linn, a partner with Sandbox Strategies [Firebox’s PR firm], says his firm looked for blogs popular with techies or pop culture enthusiasts, then e-mailed them messages about unique products, deals, and contests offered by The company started with major blogs such as Boing Boing, Engadget, and Gizmodo; news of Firebox then circulated among smaller blogs that linked to the larger ones.

‘Not every one of our clients can get away with that, but when you have product lines like gizmos and toys, you can feed the blogs and generate sales,’ Linn says. ‘We found that blogs don’t respond well if your message is too corporate, so we cut that out and got to what’s important to the reader.’


2 Replies to “Journalists are PR schmucks, bloggers cut the hype

  1. Absolutely. I'm only upset I don't qualify for double freebies.

    More seriously, I think the heated debate about the Microsoft giveaway is a serious indication of how healthy things are. That debate would just never occur in the mainstream. I'm not sure I know where I stand on that issue, but I do know that it's a lot more transparent than what happens normally.

    How many people know, for example, that Apple gave away a Mac Mini to every journalist at its launch? Nobody. I really don't believe that earned Apple glowing reviews from the press, but I know that I was certainly grateful for mine.

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