Comments closed on Bloggerheads v. Guido

The Bloggerheads lays into Guido post has generated quite a comment storm. As a result of allegations and counter-allegations (none of which I’m able to comment on or verify) I’ve closed it to new comments.

Comments on this blog are not moderated. I’ve also just noticed that my ‘Blog House Rules’ disappeared in the last redesign. I’m about to rewrite them and put them up again.

The general theme is that it’s my house so I set the rules. However, that shouldn’t be a problem as they pretty much conform to social media norms (as far as such a thing exists). That means I don’t remove comments I disagree with or that criticise me. I do remove any that I believe to be illegal, use offensive language (swearing, sexist, racist etc). I also take a dim view of anonymous comments and take a far harder line on removing them. If you’re afraid to admit saying it, it probably means you shouldn’t have said it.

If anyone feels they still have something to say then please use your own blogs. I will still accept trackbacks to that post, although all trackbacks are moderated because of spam.

There is one comment that I was planning to remove, because it makes an accusation without providing any evidence. However, the subject of the accusation has said that they aren’t asking me to remove it.

UPDATE: Even more of the same over at Tim Worstall’s place.